Operation Timothy

Operation Timothy
David's Temple Missionary Baptist Church has established the Operation Timothy Program. 
Purpose:  The purpose of this program is to aide, tutor, assist and provide counselling to students in grades 1 through 12.
Objective:  The objective of the program is to encourage every child to exercise his/her full potential, give the children hope that they are capable of competing with his/her peers in the classroom, provide a service to the community by preventing dropouts, motivate our children to study, and to encourage children to read - the avenue of success.
Location:  The program operates at the church facility from  after school until until 5:30 PM.  The program also offers help with preparing for Exit Exams and ACT/SAT tests.
Staff:  The program is staffed by retired teachers, high school students, and other individuals who are interested in the success of our children.
Fees:  The fee for children with a family income of over $30,000 per year is $10 per week.  The fee for any child with a family income of under $30,000 per year is provided by a stipend.
Bobby McDonald