Our Values

We Value Full Devotion to Christ and His Cause
     We believe that whole-hearted devotion to Jesus Christ is not only the biblical norm for the believer, but that anything less is sin in God's eyes.  Full devotion should be expected and encouraged by every believer in the community.
We Value Being a Biblically Functioning Community
     We believe that the first priority of any church is to be and do the things that God expects of a biblically functioning community, that is devotion to the Word, worship, and walk of God.
We Value Having a Great Commission Vission
     We believe that if we are to be the church we must have God's vision for the church, which is ultimately to glorify the Father by continuing Christ's earthly ministry of seeking, saving, and serving.  We do this when we make disciples by reaching and teaching the unchurched to be fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.
We Value Culturally Adapting Ministry
     We believe that while the truth of God's Word never changes, the culture in which we are called to apply these unchanging principles of truth is changing.  Therefore, we must understand our culture and minister the truth of God's Word in the most effective way possible, even if this means laying aside some the man made traditions of the church.
We Value Lost People as God Values Lost People
     We believe that lost people are valuable to God and therefore should be equally valuable to us.  We spend time and energy on that which we value, therefore, we should spend time and energy pursuing lost people as Christ die when He was on this earth.
We Value Biblical Culturally Relevant Evangelism
     We believe that evangelism begins with our willingness to befriend and build relationships with lost people.  We also believe that it is the work of the Spirit of God to bring people into His Kingdom.  Our responsibility is to be faithful in showing God's love to the lost through caring relationships and to be ready to share the gospel with them through a variety of methods as the Holy Spirit gives opportunity.
We Value Equipping and Mobilizing Members to Minister
     We believe that everyone in the body of Christ has been uniquely designed to serve God.  This Divine Design involves personality, spiritual giftedness, experience, and passion.  We believe that it is the responsibility of the church corporately to equip, encourage, and actively help the individual believer find the place where God has designed him or her to serve in the body of Christ.  We understand that this place of service may or may not be within the traditional programs of the church.